10:00pm 02-29-2008
Maggie Oasen

Please email me the information about the machine you bought. It is the one we discussed recently. I am going to order one for my sister-in-law.

Thanks so much.

Replied on: 3:15pm 03-01-2008

Here is the exact machine that I bought. It is the best I can find for this price range:

10:59pm 02-06-2008
3:42pm 10-02-2007
Kirsten Garrigan
Hey David,
I have a quick ? for you. I am on my 2nd round of phase 2 and I am almost done with the 40 days. I plan on continuing past the 40 days due to the fact I have only about 15-20lbs left to lose and I am so close. My ? to you is how was the diet after the intial 40 days? Did you see any changes? Did you build up immunity and that is why you stopped? I am not sure how I will tell the difference from building up immunity and losing all my abnormal fat. I am not total sure what my real weight should be. I have been heavy, thin, heavy, thin from having babies most of my adult life.
Any suggestions? I only have 3 extra vials of hcg left so after that I am finished until after the holidays.
Anyway, if you could email me that would be great!!!!
11:58am 09-30-2007
Dear David, Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I've watched your progress on Hcgdieters group, and you are doing fantastic !!
I, along with my three adult daughters are anxiously waiting for our Hcg to arrive so we can get started.WE did KT phase 1 & 2 without Hcg and did okay, but we are still not in controll. Then we found the support group and where to get Hcg, so now we are headed in the right direction.It's great to see someone with such good success as you and hope we can all do the same.Between the four of us we collectively have about 800 lbs. to lose, so we will have several phases to go thru.(That's like lossing the weight of about three family members ! )
We ordered our Hcg from It's been a week. Have you heard anything on about how long it takes to get the goods from them? We are very much ready to get going.
Thanks again for your inspiration. God bless you!
2:17am 09-18-2007
I never thought much of KT, but 3 1/2 weeks ago, found myself glued to the T.V. watching his Informational for his book and the hCG diet. After searching for more information on the internet, I discovered the HcgDieters message board and your personal saga. I just received hCG and am preparing to get everything organized so I can start next week. Thank you for all your personal comments and self-observations. There are a few bloggers that stand out as "voice of reason" and "sensible" types that I'm following their advise and using as my mentors on this diet. YOU are one of those people. You look great! Aloha and Mahalo
12:06pm 08-30-2007
CSG way! You cheated on those scores....Nah just kidding you da man!
3:21pm 08-03-2007
Hi David,
Started reading your posts on ebay regarding weight loss cure. I ordered the book but I have not received it yet.
Anyway, I know my husband and family will be very sceptical regarding this diet cure. I was wondering if you ever are a mentor for people just starting on the protocol.
Thank you for your time.
12:25am 07-02-2007
Hi David,

On the hcg Yahoo group, you seem very helpful & I want to ask some questions. Did you follow this regime by first seeing a doctor? Do most, if not all people (in the US anyway) have to get a Dr.'s prescription before starting the hcg? I live in Vancouver, BC & could sure use some help to get the 'stuff'. Thank you in advance for any info you can supply, Dallas
4:56am 06-25-2007
Hay Dave, how it's going cool site tts rjchamp
11:14pm 05-31-2007
Paul Frehley
See 'ya 'round. Thanks for the kudos!
1:46pm 04-09-2007
Atari Freak
12:56am 03-25-2007
Gene Simmons
Dave, I'll put a link for you on my site. Keep in touch! Gene
10:47am 01-27-2007
Mike L.
Hey, it's been a long time! I have a link to your page on my web site now. Cool. Keep in touch!
5:04am 01-26-2007
Todd Rogers
David is THEE best friend that anyone could ever asked for, a true gamer with a passion and drive for games that only a select few have. David is one of those people that you could turn to when you need help and advice not just in video gaming but in real life, David is a true inspiration to us all and a great role model.
Keep up the good work and those AMAZING scores.

-Todd Mr Activision Rogers
A.K.A "The Great 1"
4:42pm 01-05-2007
WOW! You know Todd Rogers? Those are some really cool videos on You Tube!!
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